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Kharazmi Co

Kharazmi IT Development Company has been established with the objectives of repair and maintenance of all mechanized units of Bank Saderat of Iran, however, it tries to carry out necessary cooperation with other organizations and companies in order to create a suitable environment of the latest data technology on the basis of the latest information and scientific capabilities.  By being present at the creditable banks and companies, this company offers various services such as  installation and putting into operation of all computer networks whether Unix, Windows NT, Novell Network, preparation and supply of all informatics' equipment including ATMs, computers (PCs), printers, terminal, UPS as well as consultation in respect of study, analysis, and also preparation of design and  comprehensive informatics plan for organization and ministries and in general repair and maintenance services to all users throughout the country.

Board of Directors

Hossein Tahbaztavakoli: Chairman of the board

Amirhossein Hashemi: CEO & Member of the Board

Ghaeen Shahali: Vice Chairman of the Board & Deputy CEO

Hasan Ali Ghanbari Maman: Member of the Board

Asadollah Sohrabi: Member of the Board


Kharazmi IT Development  Company (Public Joint Stock), having the objectives of supply and utilizing various kinds of hardware and electrical, electronic, computer and mechanical equipment used in different kinds of administrative, business, services, production, financial, banking, stock exchange activities and also in any other kinds of economic activities, was registered in Tehran on 13 Nov., 1997 and started its activities from 22 Nov., 1998,

Organizational Structure

In the organizational structure of Kharazmi IT Development Company, all the activities required by the company are covered while the most appropriate methods and systems are used. For fulfilling this task, research and development units, support unit, and software operation unit consisting of assembly and production, installation, service and removal of the defects have been formed in the company and have started their activities.

Company's Management

A: Policy making core consisting of the members of the board of directors

B: Directors of the units (commercial, financial, technical)