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Wide geographical distribution of KID and being in the hand of customers, have facilitated hardware support (maintenance and repairing) for PCs and related equipments like UPS, Printers, etc. for the customers having big structure. In addition, software support is accomplished for Linux and OS2 by KID.

ATM Guarantee and Support
Maintenance, repairing, and in some cases nursing of ATMs in and out of the bank branches and ATM Mobiles are done in all the country.

Company Products Guarantee
Guarantee of manufactured or imported products is prior to all the activities.

Running and Installation of the Equipments
Needed knowledge and skill to install and deliver the equipments are built both dependently and independently in the company network. Ensuring the adjustment of hardware and software and efficient availability according to the needs and demands of the customers is on top of these activities.

Holding professional training courses in facilitation of hardware and software systems used by the customers by theoretical and practical trainings is allocated in companies strategies.