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Our banking customers, with round-the-clock production environments, need reliable technical support 12 hours a day. Our support infrastructure ensures that KID customers can access our technical expertise on a 12 x 7 basis for swift response to issues and problems through facilities like Helpdesks, Technical Support and Onsite support.

Every customer bank is assigned an account manager who sets as the single point contact for all service requirements and who coordinates with internal teams to ensure that service requests are fulfilled. Account manager keeps the clients informed on the latest product release contents and schedules, provides upgrade support and manage custom projects for the customer bank.

KID operates helpdesks to support smooth and uninterrupted usage of the solution. These helpdesks provide remote support through telephone, email or fax and aim to solve our customers? Problems by either leveraging existing repository of similar problem reported earlier or through expert counseling. A learning database forms the central part of the Help Desk and has several powerful features like customer query capture, track and closure mechanism and a powerful search facility.

 The Help Desk is there to ensure uptime of our customers' business critical systems 12x7. We realize that effective support is a key for the business success of our customers and therefore we have set up a multi-tiered support system that includes both internal and branch resources at all locations. The first level of support is provided by Help Desk and CE; the second level of support is provided by our technical support which includes Tech by phone and Onsite support and the third level by our R&D Team.

Our support team follows a disciplined approach to problem resolution with a defined set of focused and coordinated procedures. This ensures high repeatability and high predictability for our customers