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Big organizations need precise design for their equipment settlements due to their huge number of offices and branches to cut down the expenses to its minimum. Consultancy, designing and monitoring the selection process for required products, their installation and integration is KID’s profession.

Designing and Implementation of Networks
Designing activities, consultancy and monitoring local networks and data transfers, Active and Passive network channel, presenting the right method for equipment guarantee, increasing the network security and ensuring the health of data cycle  are among the potentialities of KID.

Consultancy and running the electronic banking projects considering the strategic cooperation between KID and big Iranian banks are among the advantages
of our company.Consultancy, needs extraction, designing, localization, operating and training in the filed of technology, hardware. Data transfer, banking machineries, have prepared the company to present the ideal method in electronic banking for its customers.

At present we have installed, specified and covered 50,000 computer terminals in Iran for our customers including banks and big organizations.