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Computer Equipments

Work experience, communication development and being the agency of reputable enterprises; have provided the supply of various kinds of computerized products such as PCs, Tin Clients, Monitors, servers, printers, etc. for our customers especially the banks.


During recent years, introduction, selection and guarantees for ATMs to the domestic banks have been among the most important acts in supplying office products.

ATMs Accessories

Production, import and sell of ATM’s such as ATM Surrounds, ATM Enclosures, ATM Kiosks, ATM Mobiles, ATM Canopies and ATM Toppers have special place in the basket of our products.

Mobile ATM

Design, production and sell of ATM Mobiles by KID as a new idea was welcomed by the customers. Using 20 pieces of these ATMs by Iran Saderat and Eghtesad-e- Novin Banks and receiving new orders show the success of this product.

Other Bank Machineries

Sell of machineries required for IT industry particularly banks such as Info Kiosks, POS and etc, is also accomplished by the company.


Selling, installation and guarantee for CCTVs are the other channels of company activities. Equipping bank ATMs with the cameras in buildings is noteworthy.

Network Equipments

Selling of equipments and products needed for a computer network structure such as passive, active and server brands is done by KOM